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Natural Resources Extension

Project Name: Nonpoint Source Pollution within the Anahulu River and Opaeula Stream Drainage Areas, Kaiaka - Waialua Bay HUA
ASO Log No.: 91-359
Start/End Date: June 1991 to September 1993
Federal Funds: $48,309.00
Matching Funds: $0.00
Contractor: Gordon Dugan
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Water Resources Research Center
2540 Dole St., Holmes Hall 283
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 965-8969
Kaiaka and Waialua bays, located on the north shore of the island of Oahu, have long-term histories of turbid water conditions occurring after significant rainfall events. Both bays are popular sites for recreational activities but experience turbid conditions for several days to several weeks after a heavy storm. The bays are receptacles of the approximately 70,700 acre Kaiaka - Waialua Hydrologic Unit Area (HUA), with Kaiaka Bay receiving runoff from four distinct drainage areas and Waialua Bay from one drainage area.
Objectives/Goals: To monitor the quality and quantity of sediment, nutrients, and organics being washed from the Kaiaka - Waialua HUA and subsequently contributing to nonpoint source pollution in Kaiaka and Waialua bays. (Baseline collection of water quality data as part of larger project implementing best management practices within the watershed.)
Methods Employed:

Four sampling sites at Anahulu River, which flows to Waialua Bay, and Opae’ula Stream, which drains to Kaiaka Bay, were selected for water quality sampling. Grab samples were collected mostly during dry weather runoff conditions for one year, and storm runoff samples were collected with automatic sampling devices over a 5 month period during the “wet season”.

Pollutants of Concern: Sediment, Nutrients, Organics
Watershed: Waialua, Kiikii, Poamoho, Kaukonahua, Paukaulia, Opaeula, Helemano, Anahulu, Kawailoa, Kawaiiki, Loko Ea and Keamanea Watersheds, island of Oahu
Size of Project: N/A
Affected Water Bodies: Kaiaka and Waialua Bays
Deliverables: Water quality results for the project duration in final report
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