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 T-STAR Pacific Basin Research Highlights are provided to give you a quick idea  of what our current projects are doing and how they will impact agriculture in the  Pacific Basin. For more in-depth articles on selected T-STAR projects, check out  our TSTAR Highlights Bulletins
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Herbicide Balistic Technology™ for Long Range Control of Invasive Weeds   9.19.2008 NEW!


Selective Grass Suppression for Koa Regeneration   7.23.2008 NEW!


Saving Ginger Root in Hawaii    3.31.2008


Pest Control - The Insect Way  10.19.2006
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Invasive Arthropods in Hawaii Closing the Biotic Gap
Probabilistic-Model Based Risk Assessment for Biological Control

Natural Enemies of Invasive Tephritid Fruit Flies: Evaluation of a New
Candidate Species

Caring For Our Watersheds    8.11.2006
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Determining the Impacts of Water Pumping and Alien Species Invasion on Stream Flow for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Makaha Valley

Socializing with Termites    4.19.2006
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Genetic Analysis of Colony Organization and Elimination in Formosan Termites

Strengthening Chinese Taro (2 projects pertain)    3.6.2006
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Development of a Transformation System for Taro

Increased Fungal Resistance of Taro through Genetic Transformation

Coffee Under Cover    11.21.2005
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Development of Shade Coffee Agroecosystems in Hawaii

Turning Up the Heat     9.19.2005
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Thermotherapy of Tropical Plants – A Non-Chemical Approach to Phytosanitation and Plant Vigor

Growing A Better Orchid (2 projects pertain)    7.22.2005      
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Genetic Regulation of Flower Traits in Dendrobium

Molecular Breeding of Oncidiums Beyond Yellow