Material Matters

November 6- 13, 1999

Commons Gallery, Art Building: University of Hawaii @ Manoa

Bamboo Vest: Deung Guri, Koreen undergarmet made of finely split bamboo. Worn in the summertime under silk to permit circulation of air.


19th Century Ainu robe: woven from elm bark with applique



Shepards Boots: Tire, Turkey - 1977, handmade from camel's leather


Snow Boots: To ho Ku (Japan, 1960's), woven straw and red cotton fabric boots


Choli: Upper body cover from India, hand loomed and hand embroidered; made from 10 pieces of fabric hand stitched together.


Gat: (top), hat worn by Korean scholars, made of fine bamboo and horse hair

Tiger Hat: (bottom) China, Ching Dynasty: 1875 - worn by boys until ~ 5 years, provided spiritural protection:


Turkish Woman's Prayer Scarf: 19th Century - patterns created by tying metal pieces (staples) into fabric for decoration


Hmong Skirt: New Years skirt, resist dyed pattern with indigo dye, counted cross stitch border


Shepard Coat: Tire, Turkey - 1977, madefor a young boy


New Guinea String Skirt: New Guinea, 20th Century


Tanniko: 20th century Maori skirt: handwoven flax skirt worn by female dancers - this non-loom weaving technique was developed first by the Maori people.


Afghani Dress: Afghanistan, 20th Century


Aegean Dress: Izmir Turkey - 19th Century


Egyptian Tent Panel: Cairo, Egypt - 19th Century, appliqued design