Hawaii Agtourism Survey
The agtourism industry in Hawaii was valued at $26 million in 2000, according to a survey conducted by the Hawaii Agricultural Statistics Service.

The survey reports:

"There were 126 farms Statewide that had ag-tourism related income in 2000, and another 84 farms reported either starting ag-tourism activities in 2001, or intend to in the future. Revenue from ag-tourism, which includes many various activities, was broken down into several categories. On-farm sales direct to farm visitors was the leading category, with $8.4 million, followed by retail sales (products from other farms or souvenir items), outdoor recreation, accommodations (bed and breakfast, meeting rooms, etc.), entertainment, education, and others. "

For more information and statistics, see Hawaii Ag-Tourism 2000 at the Hawaii Agricultural Statistics Service, or download the report as a pdf.


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