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While Hawaii has offered various ag-related tourist attractions over the years, the conscious development of a real agtourism industry began with the first "Agtourism in Hawaii" conference held in August, 1999. The excitement and momentum generated at this conference has resulted in the development of other projects, including additional conferences, the founding of the Kona Spring Blossom Festival, and the development of a map of the Big Island featuring agtourism attractions.

Below is a list of events that have grown out of these initial agtourism initiatives. This is not a comprehensive list of agtourism-related activities in the state. For a broader list of statewide resources or agtourism events, see Agtourism Links.

Emerging Hawaii Agtourism Association, Feb. 2007

An Agtourism Association is now in the planning stages, as an outgrowth of the recent Agtourism conference in January 2007. For more infornation, see Hawaii Agtourism Association.

Just released: new Agtourism in Hawaii Video, February 2007

Featuring interviews with Hawaii farmers on site on their farms. This video is the result of a year-long project sponsored by the Western Center for Risk Management Education, with the goal of sharing valuable information about how to develop an agtourism attracton. It features not only farmers, but others involved in agtourism.

Please check back soon to download this video.

Agtourism in Hawaii
5th Biennial Conference
Friday, January 12, 2007

Keauhou Beach Resort, Kona

Hawaii's 5th agtourism conference provided a great opportunity for attendees to hear what's happening now in Hawaii, to see the new Hawaii agtourism video featuring Hawaii farmers, and to discuss the formation of a Hawaii Agtourism Association.

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Agtourism in Hawaii
4th Biennial Conference, 2005
in Kona, Maui, and Honolulu

KONA: Mon., Jan. 24 & Tues., Jan. 25
MAUI: Wed., Jan. 26 & Thur. Jan. 27
HONOLULU: Fri., Jan. 28 & Sat. Jan. 29

Agtourism in Hawaii
3rd Biennial Conference, 2003
Thursday, September 4, 2003
Kahua Ranch, Pavilion
Kohala, Hawaii

This third biennial conference emphasized reconnecting with local food sources. Examples include enjoying Hawaii-grown foods in restaurants, farmers markets, ranch visits, how to strengthn the farmer-chef linkage, and the international Slow Food Movement.

Agtourism in Hawaii Conference 2001
October 2001
Keauhou Beach Hotel, Kona, HI

This second biennial conference explored the ideas behind a successful agtourism initiative, with reports on current agtourism programs, the results of an agtourism survey, a discussion on strengthening the chef-farmer connection, and how to create a successful agtourism attraction. Detailed Agenda and Conference Notes are available.

Conference Press

Agtourism in Hawaii Conference 1999
August 1999
Keauhou Beach Hotel, Kona, HI

While Hawaii has offered various ag-related tourist attractions over the years, the conscious development of a real agtourism industry has taken place in the past two years, starting with the first Agtourism in Hawaii Conference held in August, 1999. The excitement and momentum generated at this conference resulted in the Kona Spring Blossom Festival and the development of a map of the Big Island featuring agtourism attractions.

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Agtourism Workshops Featured at "Agriculture Conference 2002"

The recent Agriculture Conference 2002 on October 24 on Oahu included two panels on Hawaii Agtourism. Approximately 300 people attended the conference at the Sheraton Waikiki, titled "Changing Times: Creating Opportunities in Agriculture." The conference was presented by the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawaii, the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

For more information on the conference, see

The conference included two breakout sessions on specific agtourism topics: farm visits and making the farmer-chef connection. Both sessions included well-known panelists who shared their experiences and encouraged participants to look differently at agriculture-- to think of new and innovative ways to reach consumers.

"Agtourism: Creating On-Farm Experiences"
With the appropriate entrepreneurs, the right circumstances, and good planning, agtourism can succeed, reported some farmers in the business. More...

"Farmers and Chefs: Savor the Taste with a Sense of Place"
Explored the development of a strategic marketing alliance between the Pacific Asian Cuisine and Hawaii’s farmers and chefs for their mutual economic benefit. More...

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The Slow Food Movement Comes to Hawaii

The Slow Food movement, a powerful and fast-growing international movement promoting the appreciation of locally-grown food, the desire to support diversity in food ingredients, and other related philosophies, is gaining ground in Hawaii.

Many of its ideas are in alignment with agtourism. The philosophy behind Slow Food is best described by the organization's article Our Philosophy at The movement began in Italy and has spread across the globe, and Hawaii is now beginning to explore its own relationship to the Slow Food Movement. For more information on the Slow Food movement, see For the USA site, see

Slow Food Hawaii

Slow Food Hawaii is the statewide chapter of Slow Food. For more information, contact Nan Piianaia, Slow Food Hawaii Convivium Leader, at or at 808-885-6085.

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The Kona Spring Blossom Festival 2000 and 2001
With the theme "Gifts from the Land," the Spring Blossom Festival in April 2000 and again in 2001 celebrated Kona's natural beauty and local-style cuisine with a month long series of events kicked off by an Art and Photo Competition its first year.For full reports, see the Spring Blossom Festival 2000 and the Spring Blossom Festival 2001.

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