Upcoming Events

AgCurious & GoFarm Hawaii on Maui

GoFarm Hawai`i comes to Maui at UH Maui College. Attend our AgCurious seminar to find out about and apply for the subsequent phases starting in August.

Moringa (Malunggai) Field Day

Second Saturday at the Garden!

Join the O’ahu Master Gardeners and UGC ‘Ohana Volunteers at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center for garden demonstrations, UH Master Gardener “Got a Plant Question” booth, tours, UH Seed sales, plant sales and self-guided garden tours at every event.  Visit the Oahu Urban Garden Center website to learn more about our upcoming events!

Seed Saving Workshop

The Dirt on Soilless Agriculture

Learn about the advancements and opportunities in soilless agriculture in Hawai‘i from leading industry experts. Some topics include controlled environment vegetable production, commercial aquaponics and hydroponics, latest university research, aquaponics in school curriculum, intensive strawberry production, renewable energy solutions, Hawai‘i’s aquaculture industry and collaborative community projects. A panel of experts will discuss the current challenges and possible solutions in Hawai‘i’s agriculture.

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers: Back to our Roots

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