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Soil Health Workshop Series

In collaboration with program partners, USDA NRCS, CTAHR’s Centre of Rural Agricultural Training and Entrepreneurship (CRATE) and Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Program’s (SOAP) will host two educational field days showcasing the diversity and benefits of cover crops; no-till farming systems; cover crop calculations, locally available nutritional supplements; and so much more.

Please join CTAHR & USDA NRCS as we celebrate soil health at our first field day of 2015.


Lectures start at 2:00 pm in the classroom. Topics include: Introduction to soil health, Soil health indicators, Benefits of no till farming systems, Benefits of cover cropping, Development of a cover crop calculator for Hawaii.

Hands on demonstrations at 2:45 pm on the front lawn: Soil slaking test; assays for water runoff and water percolation properties with simulation rainfall, Bring your own soil for assessment, Compost tea brewing systems, Compost quality booth, Display of different types of cover crops, Tea-fertigation injection systems used in Waimanalo.


Outdoor power point presentations start at 9:30 am: Benefits of no-till farming – the power of soil food web, Soil slaking test; assays for water runoff and water percolation properties with simulation rainfall, Benefits of cover cropping, Potential cost savings with cover crop use, Development of a cover crop calculator for Hawaii.

Field observation, demonstrations, and video presentations: Comparing single vs. mixed cover crops in long-term no-till farming plots, Soil health indicators using nematodes, Leguminous cover crops in till vs. no-till farming systems, Symphony of the soil (video), The benefits of vermicomposting (video), Jeopardy game to reinforce cover crop identification.

For more information contact Jari Sugano (suganoj@ctahr.hawaii.edu) or Jensen Uyeda (juyeda@hawaii.edu).

GoFarm Hawaiʻi

UH’s GoFarm Hawai`i program is kicking off another round of beginning farmer training at all three locations with its AgCurious seminar. If you are interested in becoming a farmer in Hawaii you should attend this seminar. Hear about farming in Hawaii from real farmers, and about the program from students and organizers. The seminar is free and your first step to participating in the renowned GoFarm Hawai’i program.

2/10/15 (6:00-8:00pm), Kauai Community College, OCET bldg. Room 106 C/D.
RSVP to Kauai@gofarmhawaii.org

Windward Oʻahu
3/19/15 (5:30-8:00pm), Windward Community College, Hale `Akoakoa building, Rm 105.
RSVP to windward@gofarmhawaii.org

Leeward Oʻahu
3/26/15 (5:30-8:00pm), Leeward Community College, Room GT-105
RSVP to leeward@gofarmhawaii.org

The GoFarm Hawaii training is open to all adults, no college enrollment required. See www.gofarmhawaii.org for more information.

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