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Waimānalo Research Station Organic Farming Field Day

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Using Reflective Plastic Mulch to Enhance Plant Quality and Pest Management in Tomato

Plastic mulches provide many positive advantages for farmers, such as increased yields, earlier maturing crops, crops of higher quality, enhanced insect management, and weed control.

Dr. Leyla Kaufman and members from UH CTAHR will host a field day to share
preliminary results of an ongoing field trial that evaluates two tomato varieties (one
resistant and one susceptible to TYLCV) growing in two mulch treatments: black plastic mulch and reflective plastic mulch. The field day will provide farmers and agricultural professionals with an opportunity to see the benefits of on farm, reflective plastic mulch use. We will be providing information on plant growth rate, insect densities, yield and fruit quality.

Kalo and Awa Festival

Second Saturday at the Garden!

Join the O’ahu Master Gardeners and UGC ‘Ohana Volunteers at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center for garden demonstrations, UH Master Gardener “Got a Plant Question” booth, tours, UH Seed sales, plant sales and self-guided garden tours at every event.  Visit the Oahu Urban Garden Center website to learn more about our upcoming events!

Organic Plant Health Workshop

Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers: Back to our Roots

First Annual Natural Farming Symposium

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